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Palm Beach

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Welcome to life at “Palm Beach”, Sydney, Australia.

A luxurious hand knotted 80% wool 20% bamboo silk seascape interpretation with 91 individual hand knots per square inch and finished in a breathtaking high low hand cut pile design with silk fringe.  The bamboo silk component to this design will play with light reflection and the more light the piece is exposed to the lighter the overall colours become, in contrast, as the sun sets on your day the piece will appear richer in colour.

Representing the beautiful Palm Beach sand and ocean, this absolutely stunning all handmade piece took two artisans three months to complete in soulful Jaipur, India.

Sit back, breathe out and let our Grounded in-house drone video whisk you away to Palm Beach.

Complimentary shipping. True styling luxury visually and underfoot.

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