Grounded Rugs are delighted to offer an inclusive microseal process treated by MicroSeal® Australia for all of their light coloured, 100% hand woven Jute collection of designer rugs.

MicroSeal® does not make your product invulnerable, but it does give you the BEST POSSIBLE chance of stain removal yourself or by a professional.


- Permanent stain, mould, wear and sun fade protection system.

- Environmentally friendly

- Non-toxic

- Non-allergenic

- No fluorochemicals - Zero VOC’s

- Nanotechnology - won’t change the texture or colour of surface

- Not warranted to protect against highly acidic stains e.g. Urine, vomit, bleach, iodine, ink or food dyes.

- Not water based so will not cause shrinkage or adversely affect cellulosic textile and rug fibres.

- Not warranted for Sun Fade because of the discrepancies in the fibre dying process but independent lab test reports show significant UV resistant benefits over a wide variety of synthetic and natural fibres.Enclosed within your rug purchase is a specific rug “sponge”, we suggest you keep this under your kitchen sink or in an easy to reach storage position within the house.

If any liquids are split on the rug please immediately get the rug sponge and remove from its plastic cover, run the sponge under cold water and then wring ALL excess water out of the sponge, go to the beaded spill on the rug and press the sponge down and the liquid should remove itself off the rug and into the sponge. If not all liquid is removed from one sponge process, rinse sponge, wring out excess liquid and repeat again.

The type of fabric, the type of liquid, hot liquids, or the height of the spill will affect how this will form beads on top of your rug.

More in depth spill advice is available at www.microseal.com.au and we highly recommend you read this in full as this is a third party treatment separate to Grounded Rugs*.

Please note, vacuuming should be done on the lowest set of the vacuum and the bristles, on the head, should be retracted.

We sincerely thank you for your support and your interest in Grounded Rugs and we are honoured to have been able to provide these stunning pieces for your home.

*As MicroSeal® Australia is a third party application provider to Grounded Rugs original pieces, we do not accept any responsibility or claims of monetary value for staining that is unable to be removed.